One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure, the old proverb says. This often refers to aged clothes, unused home decor or recyclables that can be upcycled into new things instead of thrown away. The same concept can be applied to water.

Watercare Auckland discovered that around 78.5% of the water that enters a home goes into the sewer. Laundry machines, showers and basins use up two-thirds of a home’s water usage – and they are highly recyclable with the help of a grey water system.

Turning Waste into a Resource

Compared to wastewater from toilets and kitchen sinks, grey water is easier to reuse. The water you use to bath or shower and clean clothes can also be the same water you use to tend your plants. Grey water minimises your reliance on the main water supply systems, ultimately reducing your monthly costs.

Behind the System

Although grey water is reused around the home, you can only safely recycle it with the right technology. NaturalFlow has an excellent range of grey water systems for homes – this is how they work:

  • Treatment Processes

From the very beginning, NaturalFlow separates black water from grey water. This prevents toxic solid waste from mixing with the liquid waste.

  • Grey Water Treatment

Through a series of natural settling and filtering processes, the grey water systems reduce existing scum and solid particles until they no longer pose threats to the environment.

  • Final Disposal

After the treatment is completed, the water is safe to use for the garden. Our specialists load the treated effluent from the NaturalFlow system into a container. We use pump discharge systems to dispose the water into the soil.

NaturalFlow is a low-maintenance and sustainable method of turning your waste liquids into plant water. For a more in-depth listing of our products, browse through our website or call us on 0800 628356 for enquiries.