How It Works

Keeping it simple is our philosophy; using power free natural aerating processes, instead of mechanical pumps etc, to treat wastewater to advanced secondary levels.


The ‘NaturalFlow System’ works just how it sounds!

Nature is one huge recycling mechanism, and the ‘NaturalFlow System’ works with ‘Nature’ by harnessing these forces, that have been quietly working together for thousands of years to break down and decompose waste all around us, and positioning them in an enclosed eco-system that simulates the forest floor, to treat and break down your wastewater until it is perfectly safe to be re-introduced into the environment, via the soil, and of course, nature does all this, for you!


We do it Simpler, Nature’s Way!

  • Power-free treatment
  • Odourless
  • Robust
  • Quiet
  • Cost effective
  • Natural
Moving up the chain of life-forms capable of digesting solid matter from human and food wastes, Waterflow NZ Ltd came to the conclusion early that vermiculture and biological processes offered by far the best means of treatment, for the solid waste, without using mechanical or electronic means.

It has been shown, through extensive trialling worldwide, these vermiculture processes which reduce the solids by up to 95%, are unmatched by any other process. There are no mechanically moving parts in these processes and nature’s power is FREE!

Treatment Processes

As is commonly known by industry and home owners alike, that it’s the solids, grease and grit of wastewater that is the major cause of septic or sewage system failures. NaturalFlow solves this problem from the very start, by separating the black water (toilets and kitchen sink) from the grey water (showers, baths, basins, laundry etc…) at its source so there is no emulsifying of the solid waste with the bulk of the wastewater.


Black Water Treatment

Treatment of the black water commences in a purpose designed unit known as the WORMORATOR®, which is an enclosed Eco-System simulating the forest floor, where the solids are separated from the liquid and treated through vermiculture and other natural processes and filter media’s, which do not require any power source.

In the NaturalFlow WORMORATOR® chamber, the Black Water is directed onto a bed of bark medium which is designed to filter out the liquid and retain maximum solids.  These residual solids are seeded with Tiger Worms which then break them down and convert them into valuable water soluble nutrients.


Grey Water Treatment

Treatment of the large volume grey water, as separated from the black water, is greatly simplified, and is accomplished through a series of natural settling and filtering processes that successively reduce scum and solids to a point where they are insignificant. 

Given that grey water has low solids but will carry soap scum that, if retained for too long, will begin to putrefy (become oxygen depleted and allow anaerobic bacteria to proliferate), retention time is important.  It has become more and more apparent through field testing and trials, by many authorities, that the sooner this water is returned to the environment the less hazardous it is..

Final Disposal

After treatment the black water is recombined with the grey water for final disposal into the soil.

The treated effluent is dose loaded from the NaturalFlow System, via a gravity or pump discharge system, into whatever Land Application System best suits your site or needs whether it be driplines, ETS beds, mounds, conventional trenches etc… designed according to AS/NZS 1547 and the relevant Local Authorities’ requirements.

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Waterflow NZ Ltd has professional Installers and Designers that cover every region of New Zealand, so where ever you are situated from the Cape to the Bluff, just call our friendly team now to find out the closest one to you.


What Others Think

“Gee I love you guys :)”

I was called this morning from Rangi to say the 6-monthly inspection is being done at 2pm today.

Your guy doing it has been held up, so he actually called to let me know.
This is never happens normally with tradie type people.

If your company ever needs someone to sell your systems up this end of the woods then give me an interview.
After my experience with all your people, I would be proud to sell it!

Kim Robson


What Others Think


“NaturalFlow system is such a basic and easy system to look after and operate. We are very pleased with it and are glad we went with the system. The grey water has certainly been great on the gardens and the black water bed once planted looks after itself. Great!”

Dennis & Marie


What Others Think

“Looks after itself”

“Back in 2008 along with our building projects we decided to go for the NaturalFlow sewage system as it didn’t require any power, on our site. We have been very impressed with the performance of this system, with very little maintenance, it basically looks after itself.
Without hesitation I would recommend the NaturalFlow system to anyone as I have had no difficulties with product or the friendly team at Waterflow NZ Ltd. 



What Others Think

“Low site impact”

Just a quick email to say a huge thank to you , ken & the team.
Stoked with the work done , the boys on the diggers did a awesome job .
Every thing was left nice & tidy , super happy !!
Xmas bonus for all !!

John Cullen