Comparison of NaturalFlow to Other Sewage Systems

Compare us to Septic Tanks, Aerated Systems, Sand filters and Compost Toilets.

There are a fairly large number of different technologies, methods, brands and systems that will all treat sewage and wastewater to some degree or level. Laying the basis for most of these is one of the oldest and most basic approaches, for handling sewage and wastewater – ‘The Septic Tank!’. This really being the fundamental weakness of most treatment systems. In order to help you understand how, in principle, this operates we have done below some simple comparisons to the most commonly used systems today.

Septic Tanks – sewage disposal system

Septic tanks are a rudimentary method of separating water from the waste material using the simple principles of settling and retention, and anaerobic treatment.
All your sewage and wastewater is piped into one big tank and then, given time, the solids will settle to the bottom and the lighter scum will float to the top, leaving in the middle liquid that is hopefully relatively clear of solids.
This water, from the middle layer, is then pumped or dosed out to your soakage fields.

The NaturalFlow approach separates the black and grey waters at their source for selective treatment within the system. The solids, using natural filtering, are separated from the liquid right at the beginning or entry into the system, in the Wormorator® module, and reduced down to harmless humus by a whole eco-system of worms and organisms that have been doing this work for thousands of years without a pause, and of course nature does this all for you for free!
The liquid which is then extremely free of contaminates is very easily further filtered and treated through successive natural processes before being returned to the environment carefully.
The NaturalFlow system works totally on aerobic treatment processes.


As the solids and scum layers increase and build up the ‘middle water’ becomes narrower and more and more solids are then pushed through the tank out to your soakage fields and then all the problems start – smelly, smelly, smelly!!!!!!
Or, if you have a sudden influx into the tank (called shock loading), say at Christmas time when the family is around or such, the same thing will happen – no time for the solids to separate and settle so through they go, out into your soakage fields to start causing you trouble!!
The other reason septic tank systems fail is when the leach field clogs up with the solids in the effluent. When this occurs, the effluent cannot absorb effectively into the soil and will cause pooling or runoff. This can lead to groundwater contamination and overflowing trenches, surcharging hazardous (and odorous) effluent. A health hazard to both humans and animals.

The NaturalFlow approach removes the solids and scum from the sewage right at the beginning of the treatment process. It’s commonly known by industry and homeowners alike, that it’s the solids, grease and grit of wastewater that is the major cause of system failures. NaturalFlow solves this problem from the very start, by separating the black water, for special attention through the Wormorator® module which reduces the solids by up to 95%.


To try and combat this, inherent weakness, the tanks have become bigger and bigger and they need to be pumped out, and all the solids and scum removed, on a constant cycle of 3 – 5 years, which or course you must pay for. This waste is then loaded into the local reticulated sewage system causing extra expense and loading there.

By removing and reducing these pollutants at the very start of the process, the downstream treatment of the liquid content is ‘plain sailing’. This dramatically reduces ongoing system maintenance to virtually zero, and ensures the system will continue to operate at peak performance for years.

Aerated Treatment Systems


Most have a septic stage, with the same problems as a septic tank.
In contrast to what is found in nature, mechanical aerating wastewater systems are water-based. To drive decomposition in this oxygen-poor environment, they must use energy-intensive aerators to pump oxygen into the wastewater and its many moving parts can be unreliable and expensive to repair. High maintenance costs, running costs, and high potential for odour.

Silently and continuously…nature is breaking down waste all around us.
In nature, most decomposition takes place in land-based, oxygen-rich humus. This highly efficient decomposition of waste is by a complex range of soil organisms. Without this, decomposition would cease and we could no longer live on this planet.

Why use high-energy mechanical aerators up to 24 hours a day to inject oxygen into wastewater – when the energetic worms and other organisms in the Wormorator® will continually treat the wastewater using the oxygen from the ambient air?

Letting nature do the aeration on a typical on-site wastewater system eliminates more than 1000kWhours per year…. Wow!

Sand Filters


Have a septic first stage, with the same problems as a septic tank. The septic tank which must have its sludge pumped out periodically is then followed by a sand filter with a very large footprint; Sand filters because of the septic tank first stage are also susceptible to overloading and clogging.

NaturalFlow takes care of all those solids right at the beginning of the treatment process, once and for all.

Composting Toilet

Compost toilets are “dry composting systems”. This means they don’t treat greywater, so a separate greywater treatment system is required. They also can be susceptible to flies, gnats and odour. Requires high level of maintenance by the home owner/occupier – no “flush & forget”.

Where NaturalFlow is a “wet composting process” and takes care of all your wastewater and sewage.

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“Back in 2008 along with our building projects we decided to go for the NaturalFlow sewage system as it didn’t require any power, on our site. We have been very impressed with the performance of this system, with very little maintenance, it basically looks after itself.
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