NaturalFlow NF12000 Advanced Secondary Treatment System


The NaturalFlow Series NF12000 Treatment System was developed to meet the needs of rural New Zealanders for a robust, cost effective wastewater solution for 3 – 8 bedroom houses, sleepouts, baches, recreational dwellings, farm accommodation, rural commercial facilities with up to 40 day staff, schools, marae, camp grounds, holiday homes, motels, golf clubs, cafés, stables or other animal facilities where there is a need for advanced secondary level treatment. From the NF12000 system the treated water can be safely distributed via LPED or PCDI – surface or subsurface laid, ETS beds, soakage beds,conventional trenches, mounds or sand trenches and arches.

The NaturalFlow Series NF12000 Treatment System, developed and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions, is designed to quickly and efficiently turn all your wastewater into high quality irrigation water, through biological purification techniques and processes, that require little electricity or moving parts.
As a result of this; maintenance and operational costs are extremely low, and reliability maximized.

  • Water Polishing Bioreactor (plus dose chamber for gravity systems) – sized according to design
    flows. (Can be positioned after the Series 1500 or 8000 Treatment Systems)

  • Capable of treating to ‘Advanced Secondary’ treatment levels

  • Commonly used for 3 – 6 bedroom houses, sleepouts, baches, recreational and transportable dwellings, farm accommodation or rural commercial facilities with up to 40 day staff, schools,marae, camp grounds, holiday homes, motels, golf clubs, café’s, stables or other animal facilities…

  • Land Application Systems – LPED or PCDI – surface or subsurface laid, ETS bed, soakage bed,conventional trenches, mounds, sand trenches and arches

  • System complies with NZ Building Code, NZ Standards and Regional soil and water rules.

  • 15 Year Warranty

  • Fully installed price for a 4 bedroom dwelling starts from $P.O.A* (subject to site constraints, topography and Council Regulations)

*Pricing doesn’t include drainage connections from dwelling to system or electrical connections where required



Waterflow NZ Ltd warrants that the NaturalFlow system will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the following periods of time from the date of installation as set out in the following conditions:

  • Roto-Moulded tanks and components 15 years
  • Filter media 15 years
  • Dosing float and/or pumps 2 years
  • Waterflow NZ Ltd will at its discretion replace or repair such components that prove to be faulty with the same or equivalent part at no charge.
  • Warranty of operation only covers the performance of the NaturalFlow systems as connected to the effluent inflow for which they are designed, and also installed to the criteria as set out in the relative installation instructions and procedures.

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What Others Think

“Gee I love you guys :)”

I was called this morning from Rangi to say the 6-monthly inspection is being done at 2pm today.

Your guy doing it has been held up, so he actually called to let me know.
This is never happens normally with tradie type people.

If your company ever needs someone to sell your systems up this end of the woods then give me an interview.
After my experience with all your people, I would be proud to sell it!

Kim Robson


What Others Think


“NaturalFlow system is such a basic and easy system to look after and operate. We are very pleased with it and are glad we went with the system. The grey water has certainly been great on the gardens and the black water bed once planted looks after itself. Great!”

Dennis & Marie


What Others Think

“Looks after itself”

“Back in 2008 along with our building projects we decided to go for the NaturalFlow sewage system as it didn’t require any power, on our site. We have been very impressed with the performance of this system, with very little maintenance, it basically looks after itself.
Without hesitation I would recommend the NaturalFlow system to anyone as I have had no difficulties with product or the friendly team at Waterflow NZ Ltd. 



What Others Think

“Low site impact”

Just a quick email to say a huge thank to you , ken & the team.
Stoked with the work done , the boys on the diggers did a awesome job .
Every thing was left nice & tidy , super happy !!
Xmas bonus for all !!

John Cullen