We can all agree that water is one of the most important resources we have. Although we use it every day for useful reasons, we are also wasting it. Globally, over 80 per cent of wastewater generated by residential and commercial properties goes back into the ecosystem without being reused or treated. Not only is untreated wastewater damaging to our health and the environment, it is literally wasting a resource that could strengthen economies.

Treating and reusing wastewater can help lessen the water burden on our natural sources. More directly, this also means that you can lower your water bill and be more environmentally friendly. So, by reusing and treating wastewater, you not only save financially, you’ll also be contributing to making the world a better place for future generations.

Lower Water Risks and Costs

Industrial water consumptions take up 22 per cent of global water use, according to UN-Water. Water-related risks such as scarcity and contamination are increasing as competition for water increases as well. By using a wastewater treatment system, companies’ can both save money and improve water security.

Reduce Air Pollution and Ensure Food Security

For farmers, using treated wastewater is becoming increasingly popular to use when irrigating fields. Treated wastewater can provide valuable nutrients to crops and lower the use of chemical fertilisers. Reducing the use of fertilisers can lessen the emission of harmful gases to the environment.

Use a Power Free Wastewater Treatment System

Natural Flow offers power-free passive sewage treatment systems that require very minimal maintenance requirements. Their cost-effective and modular systems treat grey water and black water from residential and commercial properties. Their systems use an ‘all-natural’ process by mimicking the processes that nature itself uses.

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