Aristotle once said, ‘Worms are the intestines of the Earth’, and it’s not too far-fetched an analogy for what they do.

At Naturalflow, we use a purpose-designed unit called the WORMORATOR® to separate the solids from the liquid in the wastewater. The residual solids are seeded with Tiger Worms, which break them down and convert them into water-soluble nutrients.

Although they’re recognised as ‘biofilters’, worms don’t filter the wastewater by filtration. Rather, by ingesting and breaking down the waste down in their stomachs, they produce worm castings that are rich in nutrients and microbial activity.

The Worm’s Role in Sanitation

The toilet with centrally processed sewage treatment undoubtedly has its advantages, but it comes at a great environmental cost. It requires a long and energy-intensive process to convert water into something remotely close to its original condition. It also pollutes large volumes of clean water and deprives the soil of an essential component to maintain its richness.

When the waste of humans and other land-dwelling animals decomposes in water, it initiates an anaerobic process or one that doesn’t involve oxygen. This process is slow, smelly and promotes the growth of pathogens.

The same disadvantage is present in septic tanks. The rate of solid build-up exceeds the rate of anaerobic decomposition, requiring them to be pumped out. Water passing through the septic tank is not treated and remains in it long enough for bulk solids to settle and for scum to rise to the top.

A possible consequence is bacterial and nitrate pollution of ground and surface water.  

In contrast, aerobic decomposition involving worms is fast, pathogen-free and odour-free. They kill the anaerobes and pathogens that produce the foul odour, clearing the environment of offensive smells. There is no accumulation of sludge, and wastes are either consumed or converted into fertilisers that are rich in nutrients.

The Mighty Tiger Worm

The effectiveness of using earthworms in treating wastewater has long been proven. They have amazing physiology that allows them to tolerate a certain level of chemicals and biodegrade these chemicals in their gut.

Naturalflow’s wastewater treatment system uses Tiger Worms, which are closely related to the common earthworm but are mightier and much more aggressive. They are the most effective in the composting process. With a strong appetite, they serve as ideal biofilters for residential and commercial wastewater treatment systems. They can consume food daily that equals their body weight.

In a 2015 International Journal of Engineering Development and Research study, Tiger Worms were proven to have high waste removal efficiencies when used for rural domestic wastewater, the management of liquid waste products from the dairy industry and the treatment of sewerage and sludge.

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