Water used to be a resource that we thought we’d never be short of, after all, we’d all learnt that the world is mostly made of water. We use water every day whether it is potable or not. It is a necessary factor in day to day activities. Indeed it is impossible to accomplish even basic tasks like washing the dishes or even taking a bath without it. Now we know that it has become imperative to be conscious about how much water we use.

There are cost-effective methods on how to reuse water. The water that is reused from sinks, showers, washing machines or dishwashers in residential or commercial properties is called grey water. Grey water is safe to reuse for non-potable uses since it contains a fewer amount of pathogens than blackwater, which is obtained from sewage.

To ensure that reusing grey water is safe, Natural flow offers commercial wastewater treatment systems. These systems make the wastewater undergo a series of natural settling and filtering processes that eliminate the scum and solids.

Commercial Purpose

Hotels, malls and corporate buildings can reuse grey water as a cost-effective strategy to lessen their water expense. Reusing bath water and laundry water to flush toilets can save hotels money. Sink water can be reused by janitors in malls and office buildings to save fresh water from the city’s water supply. For these types of commercial buildings, using grey water decreases energy costs associated with water pumping.

Using Grey Water At Home

Watering plants or grass at home increases your household water bill. You can lessen your water bill by using filtered grey water. Specifically, the grey water can be used to irrigate both food and non-food producing plants. Phosphorus and nitrogen in the treated grey water provide an excellent food source for plants.

Natural Flow provides power free natural aerating processes to treat wastewater to advanced secondary levels. Our treatment systems are all robust, cost-effective and natural. If you want to install a Natural Flow wastewater treatment system on your property, call 0800 628 356.