Recycling wastewater is a common practice in New Zealand. Most homes produce two kinds of wastewater: blackwater and greywater. Blackwater consists of toilet flush water while greywater is wastewater that comes from our sinks, clothes washers, baths and other domestic appliances. Before you can reuse the water for tending your plants, however, treatment is necessary.

At NaturalFlow, we provide treatments for both blackwater and greywater. We harness free natural processes to treat wastewater in an enclosed modular eco-system that resembles the eco-system of the forest floor. After the separation of the blackwater from the greywater, our WORMORATOR filters the former and the latter rejoins the filtered blackwater after a natural settling process. Homeowners can then use the treated wastewater for irrigation of landscaping, native bush, lawn etc…

Minimal Maintenance

One of the reasons many people recommend the NaturalFlow process is because, just like a natural eco-system, it knows how to take care of itself. Unlike traditional wastewater treatment methods, the system doesn’t require mechanical repairs or constant monitoring to keep itself running. It simply follows the ‘natural flow’ of the wastewater to begin the treatment process.

A Silent System

Both wastewater and house sewage systems from NaturalFlow operate quietly in your property. There are no complicated machines or advanced electronics behind the process that can be nuisances when switched on.

Power Free Processes

NaturalFlow has always believed in sustainable treatment processes. Our system does not draw from any resources, in all its treatment processes other than that of nature.

Big Savings

Since the NaturalFlow system is sustainable and needs no power for the treatment, homeowners can enjoy reduced costs on their monthly electricity bills.

From our assessment all the way to the final installation, we make sure the NaturalFlow system suits your requirements perfectly. Our skilled and talented team provides installations nationwide – just let us know the most convenient time for a visit.

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